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夕日 Sunset [朝・夕・空 Twilight and Sky]


Deep red sunset at Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
As I feel and see...
Father, mother and their child

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べトナムの街角で at a street corner in Viet Nam [視点 Viewpoint]

It is on a top page magazine titled, "Joke" sold at the town corner of Hanoi, Viet Nam. The construction worker is singing a famous song of sawing. Three "KIM" appear in the lyrics which means sawing needle. The song satirizes temporal repair of damaged road to get one out of a difficult spot.

Recently, Viet Nam has been applied as open economic system achieving 7.6 % of economic growth ratio in 2004 while Gross Domestic Products (GDP) is just thirty nine billion US dollar (as of 2003) and it is only 1% that of Japan. GDP per capital is 480 US dollar (as of 2003), while 1.4% that of Japan. There is a call for urgency to develop basic infrastructures to support the big growth of economy. And a limited available budget for maintenance of current roads is being considered.

Motorcycle is a major transportation media in Hanoi and bicycle follows. Double-seaters is typical scene and but the common scene is the four-seaters.
Riders smoothly carry huge quantity of materials with unbelievable way of loading and unloading of their goods. And they usually don't wear crash helmets for protection.
As I observed, these were common scene, and it is perfectly different from that of Japan. And I realized the different concept of motorcycle designs.
The weight balance, strength and structure of motorcycle can be designed considering the actual usage condition for satisfaction of product liability. That is, I believe there is a design concept to minimize accident possibility even in those usage conditions.

Therefore my commonsense has already changed.

I found a lady sitting on a sidewalk by major road. It was 7:30 am and the road was already congested with motorcycles heading to offices but nobody is on the sidewalk. She came from somewhere or other place of Viet Nam before everyone knew it and started her job. She display a weighing scale, carefully wrapped with plastic sheet, and was patiently waiting her customers.
I met similar weight measurement man or lady in Tehran, capital of Iran, and Istanbul, major city in Turkey before. I was worried too much that she had a chance of getting good customers.

Hanoi City makes me happy and inspires me how people lived with simplicity of life. The people are so warm and unaffected by the distructions of the world. The street corner are so full of life that makes me more lively and enthusiastic..

I am looking forward to seeing scene of much more vital Viet Nam tomorrow

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